Dirty Desires….

Dirty Desires….

I have this foolish desire.  It runs hot through my veins.  Very hot. And my dirty desire…to get a new   … … … trash bin. Yes, you read that correctly.  I want, in fact, I LUST over getting a new trash bin.  Isn’t that every blogger’s desire?  Next to being paid to write, making … Continue reading

Voicing my Opinion…

I’m not very good at voicing my opinions.  I am easily swayed and such a people pleaser.  I’m bothered by how little I stand for when challenged. Unless it comes to my kids.  Then I am a freaking brick wall.  Or the hammer.  Which ever I need to be. Last week Littlest and Eldest Female … Continue reading

Strange….And a Little Sick

Strange….And a Little Sick

Want a random fact that will stick in your head for a few days? Do ya? Do ya? Okay, but first you have to read a story.  A story with a sad ending for some rats. As Christmas approached, Dr. Evil was asked if our family would like to own some rats.  His lab boss … Continue reading

A Different Time….

The snow today has transported my mind to a different place and time. Like December.  In Wisconsin. Okay so it’s not a different place.  But it’s certainly isn’t the April I was expecting. The pretty snowfall has me thinking.  Would I rather live in Middle Earth, Narnia, or Hogwarts? Let’s attack this methodically. Middle Earth … Continue reading

Instruction Guide to Not Being an Asshat…..

Instruction Guide to Not Being an Asshat…..

I’m borrowing a word from my friend and favorite blogger Snarkfest….Asshat. Today’s post was inspired by … cell phones … and the asshatery people pull while using their cell phones.     Evil Joy’s Guide to Not Being an Asshat If you are being waited on at a store, talk to the cashier, not your … Continue reading


I spent a lot of time last week impressed. I was impressed with : My spawn and their behavior on the 9 hour trip from home to St. Louis.  Couldn’t have asked for better spawn. Dr. Evil drove the entire way and didn’t appear affected by all that driving. Eldest Spawn for playing in the … Continue reading

For the Love of Toes

          Sam had a problem.  A BIG problem.  His fetish with the little toes of women was getting out of hand.  He loved the way the looked especially when they’d add that polish to their little tiny toe nail.  The big toe didn’t do a thing for him.  Neither did any … Continue reading

Share the Hill…..a poem by Evil Joy

I’m not looking to start a debate.  I looking to set the record straight. Skiers and Snowboarders need to play nice. Both of us like the snow but despise the ice. There is this big hill in front of us. No need to charge down it like a runaway bus. Make no assumptions about me … Continue reading

I Feel Naked….

I feel naked without my phone. And it makes me sad.  When did I become so reliant on having a ‘device’ with me at all times? Yes, my spawn are dispersed about town at various ball tryouts, parties, and sleepovers. Yes, I have a land line. Yes, Dr. Evil has his phone. I will hear … Continue reading